Cordyceps sinensis extract


Cordyceps sinensis extract

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Yarsha or Cordyceps sinensis extract is a natural product obtained from Yarshagumba. Yarshagumba is a caterpillar-fungus that is found in the himalyayas of altitudes between 3000-5000 meters. They possess different compounds that helps to maintain the human body in a good form. Popular as biological gold, yarsha is a precious herb being used by the human civilization from a long time ago.

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Cordyceps sinensis extract nourishes the lungs and kidney, and tonifies the essence and the vital enery. It can be used in the treatment of resisting arrhythmia, relieving inflammation, nourishing the kidney andpreserving the lungyin. Used for atria premature or ventricular premature beat, chronic nephritis and chronic renal insufficiency.

Yarsagumba is a unique caterpillar-fungus fusion that occurs when parasitic mushroom spores (Ophiocordyceps sinensis) infect and mummify a ghost moth larva living in the soil. A spindly fungus later sprouts from the dead caterpillar host’s head. Two to six centimeters long, the fungus shoots above the soil, acting as a tiny, finger-shaped flag for harvesters to find. This peculiar hybrid is the world’s most expensive biological resource. Yarsagumba thrives in the picturesque peaks of the Himalayas, at altitudes of between 3000 and 5000 meters, in Nepal, India and Bhutan, and also on the “roof of the world” — the Tibetan Plateau. In Tibet, it’s called “Yartsa gunbu,” which translates to “summer grass winter worm.”

In yarsha, about 7% of the insect oxalic acid, about 25% of protein, about 8.4% of the fat, of which 82.2% is the human body can not synthesize and necessary unsaturated fatty acids are available. It also contains 28.9% carbohydrate, 12 kinds of free amino acids, 18 kinds of hydrolysis amino acids. In addition, it still contains multivitamin B12, carbutterol, hexacarbon alcohol, alkaloid and so on.

Yarsha has the following health benefits:

  1. It enhances immunity, has anti-aging, anti-cancer properties.

  2. It protects heart from anoxic diseases and arrhythmia.

  3. It enhances libido and sexual function, hence also known as natural viagra.

  4. It improves athletic performance by increasing energy.

  5. It is also useful in resisting chronic respiratory diseases and relieving asthma.

  6. Due to the compounds contained in it, it serves as anti-obesity product. It also resists arteriosclerosis.

  7. It is found to protect the liver and kidney, along with other vital organs in our body.

  8. It also treats neurasthenia, and improves sound sleep.

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