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Noni roots, stem, bark, leaves, flowers, and fruit have all been used as medicine. The fruit juice in particular is very high in  potassium. It also contains vitamin C, vitamin A, and many other chemicals that might help repair damaged cells in the body and activate the  immune system.

People use noni for cancer,  high blood pressure, athletic performance, aging  skin, diabetes, and many other conditions.

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Noni fruit extract can be extracted from leaves, roots, skin and fruits of Noni fruit. Noni Fruit has benefited the people of worldwide for the past 2,000 years to aid a wide-range of health conditions to include: immune problems, joint pain, infection, digestive disorders, injuries & inflammation.

The nutritional content of noni varies widely on the basis of area of cultivation and processing. Yet, in general it contains less proteins and fats; but it is rich in vitamin C, biotin, folate, magnesium, potassium, calcium and Vitamin E. 

Noni is a rich source of antioxidants. It reduces the cellular damage caused by tobacco smoke. It also supports heart health in smokers. It also relieves different types of body pains. It also improves our immune health.

Noni is also considered as an effective supplement for the women. It helps in removing most of the toxins from the body of females making them naturally healthier. 

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