Barley grass extract


Barley grass extract

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Barley grass, sometimes called barley greens, comes from young barley plants that haven’t started making seeds. During this stage of the plant’s life, it’s full of nutrients that help it grow larger leaves and seeds. You can take advantage of those barley grass benefits by eating the grass while it’s young in the form of barley grass extract.

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Barley grass is one of the green grasses – the only vegetation on the earth that can supply sole nutritional support from birth to old age. Barley has served as a food staple in most cultures. The use of barley for food and medicinal purposes dates to antiquity. Barley grass extract is prepared from the same barley grass.

Astounding amounts of vitamins and minerals are found in barley grass extract. Their leaves have an ability to absorb essential nutrients from the soil. When barley leaves are 12-14 inches high, they contain many vitamins, minerals, and proteins necessary for the human diet, plus chlorophyll. The same time is the most suitable time to harvest the barley leaves and process them to barley grass extract.

Barley grass extract is very rich in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is very important for our health as an important nutrient. It is also very rich in vitamin E. This has very good effects on protecting the skin from aging and promoting blood circulation. For people with constipation problems, if they can drink a cup of barley juice (10 capsules in 500 ml water) every morning, the effect will usually be obvious in 3-4 days. At the same time, it can also be used to treat diseases such as duodenal ulcer and gastritis. Its soluble dietary fiber can also effectively reduce human cholesterol.

Some of the health applications of barley grass extract are:

  1. It acts as an immune-system stimulant.

  2. It helps in blood purification and also boosts blood circulation.

  3. It is considered a powerful anti-oxidant.

  4. It acts as an energy Booster.

  5. It helps in skin & hair nourishment.

  6. It supports healthy urinary tract.

  7. It also helps in maintaining healthy body weight by cutting off excessive fats.

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