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Since a couple of years, I was suffered with sugar, pressure and nerve related problems. Few months back, I caught tuberculosis also, due to which I felt too weak. Other problems also followed tuberculosis. Feeling of discomfort, heavy breathe and drastic weight loss made me too weak. Then, I came to know about Holistic products through my son Mahendra. According to the counselling of experts of Holistic Health, I started taking its supplements. I am feeling so well now. Before, I was not able to come out of my bed; now I am working on my kitchen garden. Jaya Holistic!

image of Karna Bahadur Sunuwar

Karna Bahadur Sunuwar


I had problems of high cholesterol and vitamin deficiencies. I made multiple checkups and medicated accordingly, but they all were in vain. Few weeks earlier, I came to know about the nutrition and natural treatment mechanisms offered by Holistic Health. I started following the instructions and diet as prescribed from its experts. I am feeling very well now. I also advise you all to consume the products of Holistic Health and grab its advantages.

image of Sharada Baniya

Sharada Baniya


After a course of time, I reached Bachelor's level. One problem always maddened me: hair and scalp problem. Allergy, hair breakage made me quite irritating. One day, I reached Holistic Health with my mother and grandma. There, I briefed my problems with the experts; they advised me to use Holistic Redeemer shampoo. In addition, they also advised me to consume G. Mycelium and Spirulina. I am using shampoo and taking supplements daily. I am feeling very comfortable now. Thank You Holistic Health!

image of Niruta Baniya

Niruta Baniya


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